Shelley Update - 02.09.2020

In August, Cardano worked for a solid and stable performance of Shelley. Charles now shared with us the roadmap for september and beyond for the shelley era.

The first thing that the IOHK CEO spoke about was partial delegation. Currently you are only able to delegate your whole portfolio to a single stake pool. With partial delegation Cardano intents to introduce a Delegation Portfolio to choose a collection of Pools to distribute your stake.

The next concept that Cardano is working on is "Smash". This concept is working on how metadata is handled for stakepools. The meta data processing is user driven. That means that the user can choose between different Smash-Servers that have been parameterised by different people. That way, the stake pools get listed in a different order corresponding to the chosen parameter.

Cardano is currently also exploring different ideas to further improve the security of stake pooles. The concept is called "KES Proxy Key". We have two environments, a hot one and cold one. The cold environment is where the private keys and the money is contained. This is also the environment where users delegate their stake to. The cold environment has everything that is needed for the stake pool to work. The hot side is the operational environment. The cold environment gives the hot environment the authority to act on behalf of the cold one as a proxy. If the hot environment ever gets compromised, then we just create a new hot environment without fear of losing money, because the money is on the cold environment that is offline on trusted hardware like ledgers or trezors.

Another concept that Charles is keen to work on is Multi Sig Pledgin. Cardano allows smaller pools to pool their capital together for them to have a bigger collective pledge and be seen as one stake pool. This allows smaller pools to compete with bigger pools. The rewards are split between all the pool owners. Charles also mentioned that they are in talks with exchanges for them to offer delegation.