Project Catalyst - DC Fund

Last week IOHK introduced their first public fund for Cardano community innovation called Project Catalyst, or how it has also been called up until know The DC-Fund.

Currently, there have already been 2 rounds of funding.
The first round was an experimental round with IOG members.
The second round, which was also the first time Project Catalyst was introduced to the Cardano-Community, was made up of 50 community members to help develop the platform and processes. Those two funding rounds did not give away any funds, it was just an experimental phase to give the community members a chance to take the system for a test drive and the development team gets a chance the refine existing processes.

Yesterday, on the 23rd of Sep., IOHK released a second video, on their official youtube channel, regarding Project Catalyst. In this video, they show us all the necessary steps to create your project funding application, how to structure a project funding application, what kind and how many users already registered, and even answered a few questions in the end.
If you are interested in getting a project funded or if you just have an idea that you think is lucrative for the Cardano-Community, then I recommend you to watch "Project Catalyst Town Hall - 23rd September 2020" on youtube.

Since the official release last week there are already over 500 registered users and around 20 project ideas. Until the 30th of Sep. you can register a project. After that, we have the first official round of funding worth of 250.000$ worth of ADA. You can find the full schedule on the official Project Catalyst homepage.

Under the following link, you can read the introduction article from IOHK about Project Catalyst: