C-Fund vs DC-Fund

There are a few different support systems in the Cardano Realm that help creators, developers, and other promising ventures prosper and evolve in the Cardano Ecosystem in form of equity. Two of those support systems are the C-Fund and the DC-Fund.

The C-Fund is the "Cardano-Fund" which is managed by Charles Hoskinson. As this Fund gets managed by Charles he is in full control to decide who gets financial support.

The DC-Fund is the "Decentral Cardano-Fund", which are Treasury Funds created from the Cardano Blockchain. This fund gets managed by the community, ADA holders, and supports ventures that help improve the use-utility and overall value of Cardano. In August Charles even said that projects that get funded by the DC-Fund, which can be a maximum of 15.000$, get additionally the same amount of funding from the C-Fund.

In October we, the Cardano community, have the first deadline to decide which ventures get funded by the DC-Fund.