Artificial Intelligence in Cardano

Artificial Intelligence can be broken down into 2 general categories.

The first category is superhuman capabilities and the second category is general intelligence. It is not difficult to make a computer system superior to a human being in specific areas. There are computer systems with better vision or better listening capabilities than a human being. We even reached a point where you can find superhuman capabilities in certain categories 100% accessible and with open source code.

The general intelligence category is the ability to have values, wisdom, and judgment, which is not mimicking a capability but being independently intelligent. That is important because AI can affect the environment around them and with general intelligence they are able to assess if it is wise or/and brings value to influence the environment around them.

So can AI be used in blockchain, especially on Cardano? Charles thinks so but not at the current level. He said that blockchain is the constitution and some parts of AI general intelligence can substitute human judgment with artificial judgment. Maybe 5 to 10 years down the line AI can be substantial in automating, for example, dispute resolution or deciding whether a hard fork should happen or not but for that AI has to evolve to a point where it is capable of doing that.