Cardano Foundation Appoints CEO

Frederik Gregaard has been named as the Foundation’s CEO and Eva Oberholzer became the Head of Growth.
Apparently, those appointments were made to spur Cardano's enterprise adoption.
Frederik Gregaard is a veteran in the blockchain realm and has his sight fixated on adoption strategies for Cardano.

Frederik Gregaard already made a statement and said "I am delighted and honored to join the Cardano Foundation and advance its core missions, which I see as crucial to building a strong digital asset ecosystem, and the future financial infrastructure backbone. The Foundation has a dedicated and high-caliber talent base, which will take Cardano to new heights, together with our enthusiastic community. I am joining the Cardano Foundation during a paradigm shift in Cardano’s functionality and useability, and I anticipate that the next few years will be a significant growth period for the protocol."

As Head of Growth, Eva Oberholzer, will represent all stakeholders of Cardano, meet their needs, and create new opportunities for the Cardano-Blockchain.

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