Emurgo Traceability Solution

As a blockchain solutions company and one of the three founding entities of the Cardano Blockchain, Emurgo is present in international markets like Uzbekistan, Indonesian, and Singapore. Emurgo is obviously represented in more markets but I just enumerated the countries that have the biggest collaborations with Emurgo.

The Uzbekistan Government is developing a framework for security token offerings and exchanges with Emurgo.

A local Indonesian coffee brand name Blue Korintji Coffee partnered with Emurgo for blockchain-based supply chain solutions. They were able to launch "Emurgo Traceability Solutions" earlier this year to trace every coffee bean from farm to consumer. This is huge in so many ways. Not only are consumers able to see where the beans are from but the producing farms are able to see where the beans end up and for what price.
The Fairtrade foundation states that "the coffee supply chain is complex as beans pass through the hands of growers, traders, processors, exporters, roasters, retailers until finally reaching the consumer" and that "most farmers have little idea of where their coffee goes or what price it ends up selling for".

Corruption in supply chain management is not something rare, but with blockchain technology, things get a lot more transparent and fair for all participating parties.

See the full article on the official Emurgo homepage: https://emurgo.io/en/blog/emurgo-blockchain-based-traceability-solution-for-enterprises